Okay yes, I never really went anywhere anyway before the world shut down. But now that i think about it, I like to believe that I’m going to make travel plans and actually stick with them when all this is over. So I’ve made a list of 5 places that I’m going to plan for after Quarantine.

places to go after quarantine

To be honest, I want to go everywhere. I want to see the world through other people’s eyes. I want to get to see the places we only see in pictures and movies. I want to travel. So anyways, here are the five places I’d love to go after quarantine.

First of all, bright lights after quaratine please!

1. Paris : Everytime I see the image of the Eiffel Tower, I mentally photoshop myself into it because if i had one ticket to go anywhere at all, the destination is Charles de Gaulle Airport. It’s no wonder that it’s the second busiest airport in Europe. Paris is the destination for a lot of tourists and me, I’m heading there as soon as I can! And even though they’ve put a ban on padlocks on bridges, I’m still going to cross my fingers that they change their minds before i get there.

Now onto the shopping! because that wardrobe is changing after quarantine

2. Dubai : Strictly speaking, the items on a bucket list should be things you haven’t done and would like to do but to be honest, all I want to do is visit dubai again. I’d like to do all the things i didn’t get to do the last two times i visited and more of the things i did get to do. I want to spend a whole day on the beach and another day by the poolside followed by whole days of energetic vigorous shopping sprees in those luxurious malls. Then i plan to have brunch at the karma cafe overlooking the dubai fountains because this baby girl life is the goal!!

places to go after quarantine
places to go after quarantine

Of oceans and beaches…

3. Maldives : Mark Twain says Maldives is a slice of heaven and I am ready to experience that. Therefore I’m adding Maldives to my list of things to do after quarantine because one day i want to be writing my next blog post on a balcony overlooking a crazy green ocean with a breakfast platter that i couldn’t possibly finish in front of me. Did I mention the white towel and robe? I’m not here to play please.

4. Seychelles : Its rapidly looking like I’m going to have to make a part two to this post because I’ve put down five places and five more are swimming in my head so look out for it. By now you can tell that any place with an ocean and sand gets me pretty much hooked so it’s no surprise that Seychelles is on my list of 5 places to go after quarantine. A good book is all i need to complete this. As a Nigerian, I don’t need a visa if i’m staying less than 30 days so yeah, that’s a plus!

Picture Perfect!

after Quarantine places to go
Where we’re going after quarantine

5. Santorini : ‘I wan chop life on Santorini…’ If I knew any yoruba i would continue singing but oh well, you get the message. Santorini and it’s white walls are calling me and one day when this craziness is over, I’m going to stand on one of those hills and look towards the sea and act like I’m not deliberately posing so my dress is flapping in the wind. Who’s coming?

As you must know by now, I plan to live this baby girl life just as soon as this hustle pays off so watch out. For now, Im stocking up on hats becasue wherever the first pace we’re going is, It’s going to involve a hat. Future baby girl coming through. Hit me up in the comments and tell me what’s on your list!!

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