Normal is a sketchy thing now. At first, going back to normal was on everybody’s mind but now, were starting to realise that maybe this is the new normal. Maybe social distancing is here to stay longer than we had anticipated. Less parties, more bonding. Less junk, more healthy meals. Less spending, more saving.

Things we wont take for granted after quarantine

There are ups and downs, as with every situation but the silver lining in this situation is that staying at home has us appreciating the things we took for granted before. I bet if you make a list now, you will be surprised at the things quarantine made us appreciate.

7 things quarantine made us appreciate

1. Hugs – Remember that easy way we would slip into an embrace when we meet the people who matter to us? We didn’t know what we had till we lost it. Now social distancing has us reminiscing on spontaneous affection and promising not to take it for granted again. Will be ever go back to casual hugs? I don’t know. Won’t a tiny voice remind you of a time when you couldn’t?

2. Eating out – We miss lunches in fancy places. While we are appreciative of the money we’re saving while at home, we miss the culture of it all. The placing orders, the small conversations while waiting, being waited upon, eating food that we didn’t have to cook. That’s the best part. Or is it the pictures? Quarantine made us appreciate that.

7 things quarantine made us appreciate

Or is it the pictures?

3. Shopping – Whether for diapers, groceries, or yet another bodysuit that we just had to have, shopping was sweet. We miss the back and forth of haggling. Shop owner says the shoe is 20,000, even though she knows she will make a nice profit at 15. we say we have 10 even though we had budgeted 18. She says she the last price is 16. We say 12. she reluctantly, with deep sighs, agrees to sell for 15. We miss that.

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4. Date nights – A drive, a movie, the beach, the lounge, the thousand beautiful places that you discover while learning about your city with the one we love or are just getting to know…or both. We miss that. The parties we go to together and never want to seperate but even if we have to, we’re looking across the room to see if they sees you looking at them and if they were looking at us too.

things quarantine made us appreciate

We miss going on dates…

5. Church – That crowd in front of the church after service – greeting one another, making plans, exchanging life updates. There were mothers chatting seriously while their children grumbled in the car and fathers making appointments while subtly introducing their sons who had just pass the bar or came back to work with them. Quarantine made us appreciate this.

6. Work place – Now that we have to drag ourselves out from bed to move to the work area and get some work done, we appreciate the regiment of getting dressed and going out to work. The mindless routine of it that kept us motivated. Now we have to find our own motivation. Imagine.

Most of all…

7. Freedom – Most of us are not upset because we’re staying at home. Thats what we were doing pre quarantine anyway. We’re really upset at being told to stay at home. One of the biggest things that quarantine has made us appreciate is our freedom to decide whether we want to stay at home or not. We miss that.

Now here’s a few things we will appreciate when this is over.

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