If you’re being honest, most of the time you don’t get things done because you file them under ‘later’, that vague, undefined place where you shove everything you don’t really want to do right now…or ever. But you can’t admit that you don’t ever want to do it, or that you think it’s too hard, no, who does that? Wouldn’t that make you just plain lazy? Well, you’re not lazy, you just don’t have time to do all that due diligence research that will make your work stand out, you’re too busy rearranging your wigs.

How to stop procrastinating

How can I stop procrastinating?

I am you. You is all of us. You is anyone who has ever filed stuff away for ‘later’. No defined time, no commitment, no plan. I see what you did there sis. If you never thought of yourself as a procrastinator, then this might be the right time to re-evaluate. I mean, if we had done everything we’d filed away under later, imagine how much boss energy we’d be exuding right now.

Before I go in with the hammer, let me ease your mind. According to Piers steel, the speaker and researcher, 95% of us procrastinate to some degree. You are not alone, but it’s also holding you back from so much!

A lot of times, procrastination is considered the same with laziness but they’re not really the same. Procrastination is deliberately doing something other than what you really need to do while laziness is generally doing nothing. Okay enough. What we’re really here to do is beat this. How do you drop this nasty habit that is making you lose so much? How do you stop procrastinating?

1. You have to admit that you have a problem – Because let’s face it, there’s really no point giving you a solution to a problem you don’t think you have. My problem manifested in starting a book and leaving it halfway, having the same tasks on my to do list for weeks, refusing to take decisions because then I could use that as an excuse for not taking action. ‘I haven’t decided yet’, sound familiar? How about ‘waiting to be in the mood’ or to ‘feel like it’?


stop procrastinating and boss up

2. Figure out why you are procrastinating – While procrastination may be a general problem, the reasons differ according to people. Why are you finding it difficult to do that task?

– Is it boring?

-Are you afraid you won’t do a good job?

– Is it too much work?

Find out why you’re procrastinating then take the next steps which are positive steps towards tackling procrastination.

3. Let go of your past – Yes you procrastinated in the past and it put you in a bad place but all that is over now. Things have changed…or are about to anyway. Don’t let the guilt stop you from moving forward.

4. Write it out – When you write down what you have to do, you have the pleasure of ticking it when you actually do it. Also, when you write a to do list, you can break it down in to little tasks that are easier to do individually. 

stop procrastinating in 5 easy steps

5. Tackle things as soon as they arise – After your decision to stop procrastinating, you are probably trying to clear the backlog. The problem id, the things coming up have no regard for the backlog. It is safer to deal with them as they arise so that they do not join the list of things waiting to be done. Also have you noticed that things get harder to do the longer they stay?

Procrastinating is biggest reason why a lot of people remain average instead of taking up space like they can. I know that I plan to have nothing to do with average and I know that is your goal too. So take deliberate steps to stop procrastinating right away. Let’s boss up!


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