Work and mom in the same sentence?

I open my eyes to my toddler singing ‘I love you’ with a huge grin on his face. He really just wanted tea but he had the good sense to butter mummy up first. Hmm…where could he have learned that from? Said culprit is snoring away but i am suspicious because that’s what I do when I can hear the baby awake but I don’t want to wake up just yet. I let him have this one. Tea it is.

How is this possible?

I’m mentally getting my to do list lined up. I had fallen asleep before i could do that last night. I have finally acknowledged to myself that some days you win and some days you make your to do list while making tea for your toddler in the morning. Sated and filled up with tea, I set about getting us ready for the day.

How to work from home as a mom

How to work from home as a mom

Ordinarily, it is just another day in all the days that we have to stay at home. In reality, It is another day for this new mom working from home to dig deep into my creative side and bring out something worthy. I have decided to be a writer and blogger you see, and there is a lot I did not see coming in this journey. At the same time I’m a new mom and I want to give my baby all the attention in the world. Still at the same time, I am a wife, a half of a whole that needs nourishment. All this I am somehow supposed to fit into 24 hours. 

Do you want me to walk on water too?

As complex as this sounds, the truth is I have to find a way to make it work. It is up to me to make this work. I believe in not being given more than I can handle. So, this is the new mom’s guide to working from home!

Ask for help – Unless you are krishna, You have only two arms. You can only do so much. Find and accept help.. If you have a house help, that’s great. You can delegate everything you can to your help. If you have a spouse that is willing to help, don’t hesitate to ask for help from your spouse. And don’t forget to say thank you. Being a work from home mom is not an easy task. Help is always welcome.

How to be a work from home mom

New mom guilt?

Make a schedule and stick to it – It is said that those that fail to plan, plan to fail. Nobody really wants to fail, I know i don’t, but a lot of us end up there because we couldn’t be bothered to take the ten minutes needed to make a plan. Create a schedule and partition your time so that you don’t spend the entire time feeling guilty about what you are not doing. Instead, you’re putting your entire attention in work because you know in an hour, it will be time to spend with family. See why you need a new mom’s guide to working from home?

Practice mental detachment – A lot of times, I don’t get to finish my to do list and while I’m playing with my son or watching a movie with my husband, I feel flashes of guilt reminding me that I don’t deserve to do this while my to do list is not finished. So now I’m not working but i’m not enjoying the time with my family. So I’m training my mind to detach and separate the two. Work and family are both important but if I don’t give my full attention when i should, I end up feeling like I’m not getting either right. When it’s mom time, detach from everything else, When It’s wife time, shut everything else out, When It’s work time, let everything else go and give your best. We can kill this work from home mom life!

New mom’s guide to working from home

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There’s more…

Make maximum use of nap time – There are items on your to do list that require silence and there are those you can do with a little noise in the background. Schedule the ones you need silence for when your kids are taking a nap. If they refuse to take that nap, try to give them something to do while you do the things that don’t necessarily need silence.

Be prepared for interruptions – Older kids may understand that you need to work, but toddlers and infants just want mummy when they want mummy. If you’re prepared that there might be interruptions, then it may not be as frustrating. You just rearrange and do what needs to be done.

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Regardless of your type of job, having to work from home means blurred lines between the businesswoman, the wife and the mother. Striking the balance is key and making sure you do your best each day is more than enough. Don’t beat yourself up on the days you fall short and don’t forget to clap for yourself when you get it right.

If you would like to work from home but you’re still tying to figure out what to do, check this article out.


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