Have you ever felt like you had to apologise for your ambition? Or tone it down? I cringe as I write this but I know I have. I have found myself trying to hide the big dreams I had because ‘girls just don’t think of stuff like that’. I am ashamed to admit that for the longest time, I would not even consider dreaming. When men are ambitious, it’s a compliment. When women are ambitious, it’s negative. I didn’t want to be seen in a negative light.

a strong desire to do or to achieve something, typically requiring determination and hard work.

Definition of Ambition

I’m not sure what changed. Perhaps it was not a huge awakening and a eureka moment. I think it was just baby steps that led me to seeing the woman I could become if I stopped being afraid to be seen as ambitious. Even with that realisation, it was a long time before I could actually own my ambition. Before I could say out loud, ‘I want it all. I want to do what I love and give the sleepless nights required to get it. I want to be known for being the best at what I do and not being afraid to go after what I want. I want to use my work to create content that encourages other women to live their best lives and I want to do that while building a beautiful family.’

How to own your Ambition

Having it all…

People will be quick to tell you that you cannot have it all. All is relative to each person’s dreams. All is different for you, me, and every other woman out there. No two ambitions are the same, your ambition is tailored specifically for you. Would you look at that? If they mean you cannot have a great career and a genuinely beautiful family, which is my ambition, I am inclined to disagree. Regardless of the details of your dreams, the difficulty is the same. My journey to owning my ambition was a long one and there’s still a tough road ahead, but I’ve learned a lot already and I’m going to share them with you.

How to own your Ambition

Stop worrying about what people will say

I’m going to give it to you straight. What people will say has so relevance to your purpose in any way. They have their own purpose, and you have yours. Defining your purpose by what people who may or may not be walking in their own purpose is doing yourself a great disservice. Let’s not do that to ourselves.

Give up your comfort zone

Ever heard the phrase ‘no growth happens in the comfort zone’? Well, that explains my point doesn’t it? Six months into my career switch from a retailer to a content creator and I have received more fulfillment and acknowledgement than all the years I’d spent in retail. Does that mean retail is a bad field? Not at all. It just wasn’t my path. But it was safe, and comfortable, and that was dangerous. You have to get out of that comfort zone, you have to take the risk to grow. You owe it to yourself. Getting out of your comfort come doesn’t have to be a career switch like mine, it could be making the essential moves to put your business out there instead of keeping it small for fear of failure. Open that website, start that email list, reach out for those collaborations. Think big! It’s okay to.

Owning your ambition

Commit to the dream

 Ambition looks like waking up early; it looks like working after the kids are in bed. Ambition looks like adopting a willingness to admit to the things you don’t know and asking for help or doing the research or becoming your own best mentor. Ambition looks like you living in a way others won’t, so you will have a life others can’t

Racheal Hollis

What can I say? You’ve got to commit to the dream. Dreaming is beautiful but you just can’t dream alone. You’ve got to put in the work. You’ve got to step up, rise to the occasion. That’s the best way to own your ambition. Is ambition even ambition if you are not willing to work for it? Go at it with all you’ve got. That’s how to own your ambition.

Speak up

To own your ambition is to speak up when you need to. Ask for that promotion if you deserve it. Ask for that connection is you’ve laid the groundwork for it. Talk about your ambitions in circles that matter. Put it out there in the universe that this is what you want and you are coming for it. Don’t be afraid to speak up. You got this!

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Stop apologising

You didn’t do anything wrong. You simply want more and you’re taking the required steps to get it. Don’t let anyone make you feel like you have to apologise for being ambitious. Own your ambition girl! Be proud of your goals and dreams. Dream as big as you can and pray for anyone who sees something wrong with it to go find their own dream. We’re done being sorry for wanting to win.

Own your Ambition, girl!

Don’t be afraid to win

You’ve dreamt it, you’ve put in the work, you’ve taken chances and you’ve moved from where you used to be. But now it’s all looking a bit too real. Now, you see the possibility of actually winning and it scares you with it’s sheer realness. You start to wonder if you can handle it, If you have the stuff that boss ladies are made of. Well you do, so own it.

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What now?

Writing this piece gave me room to look back on my journey and appreciate the huge leap of owning my ambition. Content creation channeled towards encouraging women to live their best lives through this blog and my Instagram page has been an amazing journey so far and I wouldn’t have gotten it all if I didn’t acknowledge and own my ambition.

Are you ready to own your ambition?


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  1. Stop apologizing!! I was never one to slow done so others could catch up, we meet at the finish line or we don’t! I was often told I was too ambitious and honestly that was all the drive I needed each time, to go against all odds. Thanks for sharing!

  2. So apt! On a good day I’m one that loves comfort, but girl that goes out the window the minute I put on my work hat. People will always have something off putting to say, the idea is to keep pressing forward and give yourself wholly to the process till we attain the glow.
    Great piece Paula keep going😘

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