“Know you” by Simi and Ladipoe is playing on my headphones as i start writing this post and it dawns on me that it should go on the list I’m about to make on self care in the time of quarantine. A lot has been taken away from us this period. We can hardly celebrate anything as we used to, no weddings, no birthdays, no graduations, no parties. But in the spirit of being positive, I’m going to point out the positives! You need to refuel yourself and that is exactly what self care is.

Self care in quarantine

selfcare tips for staying at home

One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.

Bob marley

Music is self care babes!

It’s not about the genre or the mood, It’s about you and what speaks to you. Gospel, Reggae, Electric, whatever it is, everyone has a type of music that works for them. Share your playlist with me in the comments. Whatever your tune is, take time to enjoy it. For me, Just lying down on the couch with my eyes closed and my head phones plugged in rejuvenates me really well. I thing music lets people say the things in your heart to you. take time to nurture your soul with it!

Keep calm and make a self care plan.

Truth is for me, anything that involves pampering needs some serious planning because I have a two year old and a new business. But when I get it right, that hour of a hot soak, good music and a glass of wine makes all the difference for me. Maybe it’s the fact that you put in such effort into taking care of you, maybe it’s something else, but the effect is magical and a definite recommendation for self care in quarantine. You have the time now!

self care in quarantine

Of skins and routines…

Last saturday I made a youtube video of my skincare routine and while it was for the camera, my skin still came away feeling like a million bucks! I try to do that routine once a week, mainly for my skin but also because i like how baby girly it makes me feel. Skincare routines have this calming effect for me. I want you to have that. Sticking to a routine ramps up your energy too by the way. It may not be easy from the start, especially if you’re not a routine person, but it’ll come!

Read that book sis!

Reading for me is therapeutic. If im not reading for leisure, I’m reading for self improvement and self improvement is a form of self care. I want my mind to be fit too hun! I want all of me to be the best version of myself! So grab that book you’ve been procrastinating to read and get going!

quarantine self care

Gratitude is a must!

For me, journalling is a way of keeping memories alive. At some point though i noticed i was only writing the negative stuff so i decided to keep a gratitude journal separate. A gratitude journal is a great form of self care because it reminds us of all the things we have to be thankful for even in this quarantine. You’ll be surprised at how much you can find to be grateful for!

Dream in colours!

We know we’re not allowed to travel right now but you can take the time to dream. You can read my post on where we’re going after quarantine because a girl is dreaming big! So let me know what’s on your list in the comments too!

Whatever it is you choose to do, do it because it’s making you happy and relieving you of stress. You are important is all self care is saying and you need to remember that as you take care of everyone else.

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  1. Hey! I read this smiling because this is an amazing read. This quarantine has an adventure for me, I thought yeah perfect time to finally read all those books snd rest when it all began till it started getting tired of the whole thing. Then I decided to start using a to-do list just to help me have productive days and boom! everything started making sense again. I write my plan for the next day at night and revisit it the next morning. I even include sleep on the list and it’s been super amazing

    1. I’m so excited to hear that! To do lists are a lifesaver for me because they keep me on track and on my toes. They also serve to remind me that even though I’m feeling like i haven’t done anything, the list shows me that i have.

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